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NAMM 2015

Novelty Ukuleles

 PAULELE - All solid bamboo soprano ukuleles
The Paulele all solid bamboo eco friendly ukulele is made with fast growing readily available bamboo, one of the fastest growing plants in the world. Loud, clear and crisp sound. This has open geared tuners, made of solid bamboo material in the body, neck, fretboard and bridge. Made in China.

Available in standard soprano size—12 fret neck joint (KBUS Standard Soprano, Retail: $198.00)
and soprano cutaway—14 fret neck joint (KBUS-C Cutaway Soprano, Retail: $248.00)
Comes with a great custom padded carrying case.

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 PLASTIC UKE - All plastic Paradise, Peace and Ukulelia soprano ukuleles
Produced by Kazuo Sekiguchi, founder of The Ukulele Foundation of Hawai'i ( Very popular Japanese model all plastic ukulele reminding us of those old Macaferri type ukuleles. Patterned after a Martin style-0. Made in China.

Made in see-thru colored plastic with white styrene top these ukuleles feature zero fret and come with a matching clear gig bag. Not affected by rapid humidity changes that wood ukuleles are often subject to.

Available in three colors : Here is Paradise - orange with pineapple motif, Peace - green with hummingbird motif, Ukulelia - pink with prumeria flower motif.

Good intonation and fun to play. (Retail: $160.00 each)
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For a list of Novelty ukulele dealers, click here.